What are MiaJeanne Bags?

MiaJeanne Bags are storage bags fashioned after clothespin bags that were made from little girl dresses in the 1930's and 1940's. During this time in history women were resourceful because supplies were rationed due to the war.  As their girls outgrew their dresses, the women stitched the dresses into clothespin bags. 

Updated to the current times, MiaJeanne Bags are created from recycled children's clothing.  Our bags are unique, functional, creative, versatile and fun.  Similar to the women of the 30's and 40's, we are dedicated to reusing items in resourceful ways.

Potential uses for MiaJeanne Bags: plastic grocery/produce bags, scarves, golf balls, pet treats, garlic bulbs, diapers, cosmetics, hair accessories, socks, electronic chargers/adapters/devices, legos, clothespins, children's car toys, ski wax, remote controls, cotton balls, and glasses to name a few.

We offer several styles of MiaJeanne Bags which are repurposed from both girls and boys recycled clothing, presented in the following lines: Hawaiian, Diaper, Denim, Floral, Preppy, Casual, Flannel, Walker/Wheelchair, and our newest lines, the Itty Bitty,  Laundry, and Wine bottle gift bags.

All bags are carefully selected taking into account the quality and condition of the fabric. As these bags are created from recycled clothing, each bag is unique and a "one of a kind."

 MiaJeanne Bag "Mission Statement"

Our mission is to enhance your life both functionally and esthetically while also honoring the high quality and workmanship of the original manufacturer of each garment that we use. We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to repurpose these precious children's garments with love and appreciation from Montana.  

"MiaJeanne Bags are super fun and you must have at least one in your home..."   Kim Dain   

  "They make me smile!"    Faith Corpron

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